Welcome to Fighting Fit Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Our academy opened its doors in January 2007. We run a fully equipped and permanently matted academy for use by our members.

Our training methods provide students with effective martial arts skills, fitness development and improved self-confidence. We are affiliated to Checkmat for our BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). We are a socially conscious business that promotes a spirit of community with no egos and or politics with experienced coaches.

Testimonials on our website serve to illustrate the friendly, safe, interesting but live martial based environment that we create for all our students.

We provide a training methodology/format that enables students to stay interested and overcome any fears they may have about training in the martial arts. Currently we provide structured BJJ sessions and open mat training where you can practice any discipline e, g; BJJ Gi and no Gi, MMA, striking, working the bags or pads, drill practice and conditioning. Coaches and experienced members are at hand at the open mat sessions if you some advice/guidance.

We also cater for corporate and small group training and individual private tuition.


After doing some martial arts research Tony Terranova found that students often lost interest in their training system which resulted in a lack of motivation to continue. One of his favourite sayings is "training is easy, doing it is hard". Encouraged by his wife Jenny to open an academy he decided he wanted to create a training environment that incorporated practical skills and fulfilled some of the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of modern day living.

Tony met Mark Collett while they trained together in traditional Jiu Jitsu in 2001.
Mark has trained in martial arts since the late eighties and Tony since the late seventies. After a short period of opening the academy Tony asked Mark to become a coach and co-owner and the rest is history.

See the Coaches bio section for more information on Tony, Mark and other coaches.