When I first walked in to fighting fit I was greeted warmly by Tony and Mark. As I walked into the training room and introduced myself to the guys I could see the place had a distinct old school dojo feel to it. Within a matter of weeks I already feel part of the family. I emphasize on family here, as we are a broad range of personalities, ages, sizes and abilities, all looking out for each other’s wellbeing and improvement. No egos, no politics, just a group of people brought together by the same passion of martial arts.

“Tom Dalley”

I joined the academy 1 year ago, to continue kickboxing for fitness. And ended up doing that and BJJ, something I would never have thought about. But encouragement and the patience from the coaches, coupled with helpful training partners with no attitudes, has seen me, join the gym, to compliment the training, and as a result. I'm fitter than I have been in a long time. How far I go or end up I don't know but I'm enjoying the journey. Great place to train!

“Scott Harkin”

FFMA is a haven of traditional budo values in a modern age. All coaches are top of their game and will always take you just that little bit outside your comfort zone. There is no ego from students or coaches alike and a real family atmosphere with higher grades helping the lower grades out and sharing of knowledge for the gain of the academy. If you choose to join Mark and Tony will welcome you with open arms.

“Paul Severn Coach-Trojan Freefighters/Checkmat Worcester”


Awesome bunch of guys, if you’re in the Cheltenham area you need to be training here
Matt Clarke